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Happiness and the feeling of being content is the supreme key to all the success stories and the greatest accomplishments in the world.

Those people who stay happy and make other people around them happy, are the ones who know the art of doing work; accomplishing their goals in their lives and materializing things into results and success. Only those people could stay happy in their life that are content with the things around them and gratified for the precious life that has been bestowed to them by the Almighty.

Those who have a firm faith and conviction in the unknown and his inexplicable powers; those who stay focus in their life; those whose deeds and speech are pleasing and thoughtful; those who concentrate on their journey and on their path; those who are benevolent and obliging to others; those who are grateful to the Divine for creating all the worthy things and do have a belief that all of us are there in this world to accomplish a purpose of their own; and those who are not deterred and frightened by the adverse are the ones who stays calm and happy in their life.

The one who knows this key of happiness is destined to be a winner in all places and is bound to attain triumph in his/her life.

—-The End—

© [Shilpi Mayank Awasthi] [2013] [All Rights Reserved]