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During a conversation, one should give more importance and value to the other person than himself or herself. One could only be friendly with others and work along with others, if that person does not overload others with his or her ego and self-esteem. Such people could prove to be a good boss and could easily take all the blames when any subordinate commits any mistake and give away all the credits to them whenever they work extraordinarily.

To be concerned and considerate to your colleagues; and to provide them help and emotional support in their personal and professional issues is a sign of an effective leadership skill in a person.

To be friendly and sensitively connected with your peers improves yours and your team’s collective quality of work and results.

Where office colleagues are meant and treated like mere acquaintances and are not closely bonded as a team, there remains a lack in leadership and due to not as much of coordination amongst colleagues lesser results and performance would be delivered.

In most of the sports, the team which plays and performs with a great team spirit and camaraderie generally wins the game and remains champions worldwide. And where there is a lack of team spirit and shared aims; where people lack common harmony and coordination there the chances of victory becomes least i.e. nil and that team loses often, no matter how good and capable the players could be present in that team.

If the team captain does not give enough and equal respect and opportunity to each team player and in spite of that does partiality and favoritism then such teams generally face defeat and discord due to lack of coordination and harmony.

So it’s quite advisable and preferable for a person to be an effective leader and superior by maintaining an equal cohesion and commonality to its juniors and colleagues. And, that person would be equally esteemed if that person provides everyone respect and support.


—-The End—

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