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Everything said in an appropriate and in a decent manner sounds pleasing and acceptable to one and all.  For instance, if someone addresses you as – “Miss/Madam/Mister/Sir/Lady/Gentleman” etc, then you would definitely like this way of addressing to you; but somehow, someone addresses you as “Aye/ Oye/ Hello/Listen you” etc, then you would certainly not find it welcoming.

Primarily, one should focus on our way and content of speech and secondarily, one should not speak unreasonably and at the wrong time. An example to an untimely way of speaking would be- say you are taking your meals and someone talking to you at the same time, about his/her diseases or say, irregular bowel movements, then with no doubt, you would be highly displeased with his/her way of unreasonable and inopportune speech.

Even, if you are having a reasonable and a sensible conversation but at a wrong time, then of course it is quite a worthless and an awkward conduct.

Do not ever speak in a way which hurt somebody and his/her sentiments. Try to maintain politesse and an individual code of demeanor, try to bestow others respect and reverence and never ever try to belittle others through your way of speech.

Those who disparage others by their speech, never gets pleasure in their lives and remain discontent.

Try to be in command of your words and your speech so that once you speak them, you shall not regret in future over them, as everyone around us is a mere human being and does seek adulation and love from others as we want from them.

—-The End—

© [Shilpi Mayank Awasthi] [2013] [All Rights Reserved]