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Recently, it happened to be that I met one of my friends after a good one year. We both live in the same society, but as she travels a lot for her job and I remained confined into my house, stuck to my laptop and writing a piece or two, and this made both of us could not meet for a long time.

She came to my house to meet me and we chatted wholeheartedly, about the normal daily routine stuff. And during the course of our conversation, she literally pushed me to agree, to go on the morning walks daily at 6:00 am, with her.

I, generally, use to be a fitness freak (precisely, a maniac) always, working out or taking a walk in evening or mornings. But, since few months I observed my tendency of getting tired easily and lazing around. I could not afford giving any trouble or simply any pain of walking or working out, to my body. But, it was taking a toll on my health and I was gaining weight, day by day.

So, I agreed to her persuasion of going on the morning walks, but the hard task for me ahead was getting up early (actually, that early at 5:30 a.m.). I never ever had got up in the morning so early in my entire life, neither for studies nor for anything, except I had to catch a morning flight or a morning train.

I had always been a late-night or an extensively late-night person. I could remain awake till 4:00 am in the morning, back to back for my studies, or to watch a movie, or for anything. I never sleep in the afternoons, so I have to have a good 8 hour non-stop sleep, without any break or disturbance.

So, the challenge for me was to get up early and then go for morning walks and all that pain and struggle was only to lose some extra kilos, which I have put on while, sitting in the front of my laptop and writing some fiction.

That night, I could not sleep properly as I had to get up at 5:30 am in the next morning. It was the natural thing for me that whenever I had to wake up early and I have filled an alarm then my sleep always play hide and seek with me, no matter how tired I could be.

The next morning, I got up at 5:30, when the alarm rang (all thanks to the sweetest and melodious alarm tone that I have in my new phone. It wakes you up so serenely.)

My friend joined me further and once, I had completed one round I started feeling afresh and better. I felt like I have achieved something. We both completed that day of our walk quite efficiently, listening to the music on our media players.

The whole day passed, and I started feeling a tad dizzy, as I had hardly 5 hours of sleep that night. I tried to take a quick nap, but failed. And, I went to sleep early that night but could not sleep till my usual time.

The next day, I got up at 4:45 a.m. much before the alarm. I could not sleep further, as once my sleep is disrupted I could not carry on it further, it takes lot of efforts actually. So, I got up quiet unwillingly. I abused and cursed everything around and thought I would not be going for the morning walk from the next day onward, anyhow. I could not cause so much pain to my body for a little pleasure of weight loss. I thought I’ll inform my friend that from tomorrow onward I won’t be joining her.

I reached downstairs, and my friend joined me. I told her the whole thing and said I could not join her further on. She told me to try for a week, as our body takes few days to get accustomed to new daily clock of getting up and sleep patterns.

She insisted and I could not argue her further on, so I said that from tomorrow on, I’ll be getting up at 6:40 am and would be coming for the 7:00 am walk.  She said “fine but still try to make it around 15 minutes early”. I said “I’ll try”.

That night, I slept happily without any pressure of getting up early at 5:30 or any pressure of going to the walk; actually, because I told her that I’ll try.

Since, I slept without any pressures so I had a sound sleep that night and despite of having an alarm of 6:40 am, my eyes opened up at 6:15 am, by all itself. I got up from the bed instantly and got freshened up and was ready for the walk. That day, I felt energy and vehemence in that walk. I felt rather very good and energized. I felt awakened and yet my mind was completely relaxed.

Later, I have drawn a consensus and comprehended the fact that with this pattern of energizing my mind and body through walking in the early hours, and with a proper sound sleep (without any pressures or stress), I am now experiencing a physical and a spiritual boost of my absolute soul and quintessence. And therefore, due to this feeling of respite, my perspicacity and acuteness has changed in general.

Now, my subliminal mind has started cutting through the cerebral litter and mess, relaxing the embryonic verve and resourcefulness, surpassing the conventional limited thinking and helping me find a more logical and lucid answers.

Now, with a little effort and a proper and healthy lifestyle, I have attained from the daily cognizant intellect to my peak level of intelligence – the innate wits and brainpower.


—The End—


© [Shilpi Mayank Awasthi] [2013] [All Rights Reserved]