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Morning walk or a morning therapy is the new-fangled gradient in my life. Some extraordinary serene view and stunning morning atmosphere has turned me poetical a tad, in these few weeks.

I had never thought of attempting poetry or I could not have ever thought that I could write even a few lines in rhyme, in my entire life. I have been only writing some gloomy, depressing stories of people in love, or some pieces on spirituality, till now, as a direct outcome of a way of life I have put myself into.  I would have only been a writer, and would not have felt the high of writing the poetic compositions ever.

Without a shred of doubt, I have recently started appreciating everything around me; the eminence of beauty, mercifulness, benevolence and sensibility and life as a whole. Yes, I have started appreciating and valuing life, from which I was running away from so long.

But now, I am filled with constructive spirit and vigor, all day long and don’t have time to allow negativity creep up into my mind.

Now suddenly in few days after going for the morning walks, I have started liking the magnificence of nature. Now, I like to see the sublime view of crack of dawn, the first ray of sunshine emerging from the clouds above the trees, slowly painting the sky in the shades of scarlet, crimson and pink, in few minutes and the darkness fading away, in no time.

I like to hear the first hymn of the birds crooning and leaving from their abode to start their day. I like to feel that pleasantly cool morning breeze, which makes tree dance in unison. I like to see the beauty of the tiny dewdrops, left on the leaves and flowers. I like to breathe in and out the morning fresh air, to help my brain and my vital organs function more swiftly and coherently.

Now, I like to see some happy faces of aged and ailing people, who despite of having their illness and age as a hindering factor, starts their day with morning walk, yoga or the community laughing session and fill up their day with energy and positivity.

I try to imbibe this energy and positivity from my morning walks into my life, and yes, hence I have started loving and living my life again.

—-The End—

© [Shilpi Mayank Awasthi] [2013] [All Rights Reserved]