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He is my prince charming and my love forever;

I could forget everything, but him of course, never.

He had come into my empty life like a blooming flower;

And had filled it with joy and strewn his fragrance, all over.

He had poured his love on me like that first rainbow shower;

And he had filled my life with bliss and pleasure, forever.


We have been together, a long time now, in every single tide;

We have fought; we have hugged, we have laughed and cried,

We have seen each other through our worst and through our best;

And everything between us in every thick and thin and rest.

Today when I look at him, I feel more love than I have ever felt before.

We have a history together, full of shared memories that keep us so close to the core.


What life would have been like without him; he is my spouse, and he is my companion;

And I ask him nothing more than to be with me all his life in unification.

He is so much a part of me, a part of my subsistence and a part of my essence;

That it is impossible to imagine my life without his sanctimonious presence.

I pray to the almighty who grants everyone’s wishes and fulfill their requirement;

I would wish to be his soul mate now in this life, and forever in every re-embodiment.

—-The End—

© [Shilpi Mayank Awasthi] [2013] [All Rights Reserved]